Style and Size Guide

Pohli pieces are designed to be comfortable sportswear, not tight fashion pieces, but our clothes fit true to size, based on Australian sizing.   

If you’d normally wear size 10 AU (US 6) then that’s what you’d usually need to order, but there’s some flexibility built in to our fabrics and cut, so please take a few minutes to read our size and fitting guidelines and see what works best for you.

Our tops are 88% polyester 12% spandex – that’s a lightweight and quite stretchy fabric that’s breathable and cool to wear in summer and also very comfortable when you’re layering in winter.  Bottoms are 96% polyester 4% spandex, a mid-weight fabric that hangs well with enough stretch for comfort.

Both tops and bottoms are machine washable – and they travel well, with minimal ironing needed.

Our skirt length is designed to sit mid-thigh for an average height (165-167cm) golfer – that’s around 40 cms measured from the top of the waistband or around 44cms from natural waist.  We’ve designed our skirts and long pants with a generous double hem, meaning that if you’re taller than average you can easily let the hem down an extra few centimetres. 

For the average height golfer:

  • Our classic shorts sit just above the knee.  They still look good irrespective of whether they sit a little higher or lower depending on your height; 
  • Our short cuffed shorts will sit just above mid-thigh and will sit a little higher if you go for a snugger fit.

Our skirts, shorts and long pants are 3-9% elastane which allows for some ‘give’ but ensure the shape and style is maintained through successive wash and wears. 

Unless otherwise stated, our skirts are designed to sit around 4 centimetres below your natural waist (natural waist = the narrowest part).  Our classic tailored pants and long pants sit ‘mid-rise’ (around 4-5cm below natural waist) and our short cuffed shorts are a more relaxed fit, with the waistband sitting closer to the hip.

If you are ‘between sizes’ be guided by whether you prefer a more contemporary look (with the waistband sitting lower) and go up a size.  Conversely if you don’t mind the waistband sitting a little closer to your natural waist, go down a size. 

Remember that wearing a Pohli belt not only looks good, but it’s a really useful way of making subtle fit adjustments!

Please bear in mind that our classic tailored shorts and long pants are both designed as slim fit in the legs, so if you’re larger than average in the thighs or calves, it’s best to go up a size – or go for our short cuffed shorts which are wider in the leg.

Tops and Pohli sports knicks: Our fabrics for our tops and our Pohli knicks have quite a bit of stretch, so if you are ‘between sizes’ be guided by whether you like a snug or comfort fit and go up or down a size accordingly.

Pohli produces skirts designed to be worn with sports knicks such as the Pohli knicks you’ll find on this site. We find this option more comfortable, flexible and (needless to say) more stylish than skorts. You can easily change into wet weather gear with a skirt/sports knicks combo, use lighter or heavier fabric knicks depending on the weather and change out of your knicks for a cool skirt-only option after you’ve completed your round.

As a young company we decided to concentrate on mid-range sizes first.  We hope to extend to smaller and larger sizes in subsequent ranges, depending on demand.  

Our belts are one size and can be adjusted to your size by cutting off excess length with a pair of normal scissors.  You will need to gently ease up the tab at the rear of the buckle to remove or change the buckle.  Instructions are included with every belt.   If the buckle is dropped or subjected to force it can dissemble – in which case it can be put back together again, but if you encounter any problems please do email us at