Great New Range of Golf Wear from Pohli!

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Hopefully you will have checked out our three new golf skort designs! We’ve gone with solid colours this range, and true to our love of co-ordinated looks, each of our new golf skorts ties in with the colours of our classic range of golf tops, belts and visors.   So it’s easy to mix and match to create some great golfing outfits.

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Monaco Skort with Visor in Tasker Check and Duo Belt in White/Rose. Long Sleeve top in Purple/Rose

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Monaco Skort with Visor in Sadlers Check

Some choices obviously work beautifully together – our Paris skirt, combined with visor in Butler’s Blue and a belt in either Blue or White/Blue, for example.  But don’t be afraid to experiment.  One of our favourite combinations in fact is the Paris skirt with Duo Belt in White/Rose – it gives a really cute and playful candy coloured feel to the outfit!

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Paris Skort with Visor and Duo Belt in White/Rose

Our London golf skort includes a very subtle touch of orange which looks super classy with a visor in either Orange or Sadler’s Check, and our Monaco skort looks great with Visors and Belts with a splash of Rose (Sadler’s Check or Tasker Check).

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London Skort with Orange Visor

Women's Golf Skort, Women's Golf Skirt, Ladies' Golf Clothing, Ladies' Golf Wear, Women's Golf Wear

London Skort

For those who watch our blog, you’ll notice we’ve moved away from skirts towards skorts with built in knicks.  We still love skirts – they offer so much flexibility! – but skorts do have the benefit of convenience and finish.  Let us know what you think!

The other big development is that we’re delighted to be able to expand our size range to sizes 8 – 16.  That applies not just to our new skorts, but also to our classic range of tops.  So we hope to see a lot more lovely golfers out there in Pohli gear!

by Deb Laidlaw

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