Parisian Style meets Women’s Golf Wear!

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Pohli’s Classic Kilt has a famous cousin!

Could Chanel muse Ines de la Fressange be channelling Pohli?  We spotted this tres chic skirt from the stylish model’s limited edition fashion range on our recent French travels and thought ‘Ooh la la’ we love that look’!    It’s not a million miles away, of course, from Pohli’s classic kilt!  

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Women's Golf Apparel Classic Kilt Tasker Check

Pohli’s Classic Kilt in Tasker Check

How fitting – given that we sourced Pohli’s classic fabric print designs – Sadler’s Check, Tasker Check, Butler’s Blue and Orange, at Paris fashion trade show Premiere Vision only last year.  Ok so the prints were designed by renowned British designer Paul Vogel, but we like to think big and think international!   And keeping up that theme even our classic kilt buckles came custom made from Milan.

So now you can get that super chic Paris look whenever you head out for a round of golf.  Just check out our classic kilt and ‘On y va!’ (let’s go!)

by Deb Laidlaw

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