Golf Skorts v Golf Skirts – and why Pohli Loves Skirts…

I can’t think of golf skorts without thinking ‘bloomers’.  Tennis skirt manufacturers seems to have got the modesty/chic balance right with their sewn in short shorts (can you even imagine Maria Sharapova in a golf skort?) but with their baggy nylon under-panty-things it seems the golf skort industry’s made it their primary mission to keep inappropriate thoughts well and truly away from a good round of golf.

So unnecessary.  A smart pair of sports knicks combined with a golf skirt will keep your modesty intact just as well, without making you look like a throwback to the Victorian era.


Hobbs Sadlers cropped2     With baggy undies – our Hobbs skirt just wouldn’t feel right!


Ok we’re being a bit unfair – not all skort undies are so bad, but here’s another five reasons why Pohli thinks golf skirts are so much smarter.

  1. Ever set out on a sunny day only for the rain clouds to open up? You might well have your rain pants in your bag but if you’re wearing a skort you’re doomed. With a skirt/knicks combo on the other hand it’s easy – pull the rain pants on, whip off the skirt and voila – back to concentrating on your next shot. Or watch your skort wearing buddies getting drenched in their search for the nearest ladies’ or a convenient large bush.
  2. On the subject of rest rooms, sick of having to disrobe at the half way house? Get a skirt!
  3. Off to coffee or lunch or champies after a really hot round? It is SO much nicer to change into normal civilian under knicks – and you can do that with a skirt, without having to change your whole outfit. (That’s ‘hot’ temperature-wise not ‘hot’ as in ‘fantastic’ by the way – although who wants to sit around feeling like a governess when you’re really a golfing goddess?)
  4. Off on a golf holiday and don’t want to take too much gear? Take a skirt/sports knicks combo and all you need to do is wash your sports knicks after every round, not the whole skort.
  5. The more times you wash your golf gear the quicker it will lose its shine and wear out. Plus it’s just another chore.  With good quality fabric (which Pohli prides ourselves on) you can get away without washing your golf skirt every single round, just throw the knicks into the machine.
  6. With skirts you can pick and choose the modesty gear that suits your needs. Pohli’s golf knicks are in a fine stretch fabric that’s nice and cool for a hot climate but if you’ve got, or want to prevent, an injury perhaps try compression gear like Skins (  If you fancy a lot more support (or want to lose your tummy) you could even wear Spanx! ( The ability to switch to a warmer or cooler under-short also gives you much more flexibility to play in comfort in those tricky ‘in-between’ seasons.

Pohli knicks front                     spanx low           spanx high waist                    skins

To be fair to our skort colleagues we do need to acknowledge they have one advantage, which is that a skort underpant is much less expensive to manufacture than  separate sports knicks which are effectively constructed as a running short.  So a single skirt/knicks combo will be slightly more expensive than a skort, but remember – one pair of sports knicks can be worn with any number of different golf skirts, so overall – hardly any difference in cost to you.

by Deb Laidlaw

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