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We’ve all admired them – the low handicapper holding that finish as their perfect shot soars into the far distance (middle of the fairway of course!). But is there more to it that seeing where the ball landed, or simply looking poised and fabulous? A resounding ‘Yes’ according to Golf Professional Gillian Rae. Here’s what she has to say …

“I was giving a lesson to a very good golfer and working on a consistent balanced finish. She asked the question “Why does it matter to hold the balanced finish?” Many of you may ask the same question – the ball is gone so what’s the benefit?

Consistency and repetition for one. Most golf professionals will argue this is the most important part of the golf swing next to impact position. In order to gain a balanced finish all the other parts of the swing must be correct. Have you ever noticed that when you have hit your best shots you have flowed through to an easy and balanced finish position? Focussing on a full finish will help stop you ‘Hitting at the ball’ promoting good timing and rhythm. It can also stop you looking up early to see where the ball has gone. Not finishing can also cause injuries as you are fighting natural momentum.


Without a proper full and balanced finish the result is a loss of club-head speed causing loss of distance. Direction is affected causing a pull or a slice. These problems are caused by the collapse of the arms through impact. The arms must extend through the ball and maintain their ‘V’ shape with the club facing down the target line. This can only happen if the body turns and faces the target. Think about the belt buckle facing the target with the right heel off the ground (or left for left handers) and the arms and club collapsing over the shoulder.   My tip for training is to try to hold the finish for a minimum of 2 seconds.”

Gillian is a certified P.G.A Professional, conducting lessons at Moore Park Golf Club, Golf Paradise Driving Range and Terry Hills Par 3 Club – contact her on 0413 011 148 or checkout her website at

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