In Pohli’s current range we wanted to channel ‘classic chic’ so where better to start looking for inspiration than Paris? Every year at the Parc des Expositions Porte de Versailles there is a massive tradeshow with six exhibition halls each of which is around the size of a couple of soccor fields. And that’s where, in a tiny stand surrounded by reams and reams of paperwork showcasing his craft, we found a not a French, but a British textile designer who specialized in tartans – exactly the look we were after. After sifting through literally hundreds of designs we finally plumped on the four patterns used in our current range: Sadler’s check, Tasker check, Butler’s Orange and Butler’s Blue – plus a few more colourways to keep up our sleeve for later ranges. A baguette or two later we then found the buckles used in our classic kilt design – from a manufacturer based in Madrid!

Design your very own family tartan…

So, one thing leading to another, and since we can’t really justify a trip back to Paris every time we’re designing a new range (ok, we admit it, it wouldn’t be too much of a chore..!) we started looking at all the tartan designer software on offer and you wouldn’t believe it but this is quite a big industry in itself. Design your family tartan and then have your very own kilt made up in best Scottish wool.

The small problem of course for those who don’t live in the icy climes of Scotland, is that wearing a woollen kilt you’re likely to expire of heat exhaustion before the third hole and (that’s why Pohli’s polyester/spandex kilt is such a good option!)

But if you fancy yourself as a tartan designer why don’t you have a go? Who knows, you could be Pohli’s next design inspiration!

by Deb Laidlaw

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