‘Golden Ball’ – no, not another new Bond film…

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Love the golf balls we’ve used to style our Accessories page? They’re by Chromax (www.chromaxgolf.com) and they’re the best looking balls you’re likely to find on any golf course. With a super shiny metallic finish they’re easy to spot on the fairway or the rough (or even in the trees, not that we ever hit into the trees – right?) and they’re so pretty to look at you’ll keep your head down that crucial micro-second longer as you craft that winning shot. Quite a soft ball, they hit beautifully and they come in a variety of super-bright colours (green, orange, mauve, pink, blue etc) although our absolute favourites are ‘Golden Ball’ (yellow) closely followed by ‘Disco Ball’ (silver).  Keep an eye on them though – the crows love them too!

by Deb Laidlaw

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